Our Team

René Benguerel Founder & Managing Director
Zürich, Switzerland
Matthias KrebsFounder & Managing Director
Zürich, Switzerland
Veronika JocHead of Finance & Controlling
Zürich, Switzerland

René Benguerel holds a Masters in Aquatic Ecology and Fish Biology. Before founding Blueyou Consulting, he worked in the Swiss retail sector where he was appointed Procurement Manager for Sustainable Fish and Seafood for a major Swiss retail company. He has extensive expertise in consulting industries, financing institutions, and international markets that focus on solutions for more sustainable practices. He has years of experience in developing incentive systems for reform that can be implemented by the industry at the production and processing levels. René leads Blueyou’s aquaculture and fisheries programs, involves consulting and practical, field-level implementation.

Nationality: Swiss
Languages: German, English and French

Matthias Krebs holds a degree in Agronomy from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich. He has several years of work experience as a purchasing manager and working with vertically integrated supply chains for sustainable products in the Swiss retail sector. As a managing partner at Blueyou he works on the implementation of sustainable aquaculture programmes as well as supply chain management and market promotion of seafood from responsible sources.

Nationality: Swiss
Languages: German, English, French and Spanish

Veronika Joc holds Master's in Economics from the University of Würzburg, Germany and a postdegree as a tax advisor. Before joining Blueyou, she worked as an auditor and finance manager for Deloitte in Munich and Zurich as well as for Warner Bros in London and Cytos in Zurich. At Blueyou, she manages all financial matters, including financial accounting, controlling, budgeting, tax declarations, year end closings, etc.

Nationality: German
Languages: German, English and Italian

Benjamin ConnollyHead of Business Development & Sales
Zürich, Switzerland
Ramón HuwilerHead of Sourcing & Supply Chain Manager
Zürich, Switzerland
Dicle Tigris Demir Sourcing & Supply Chain Manager
Zürich, Switzerland

Benjamin Connolly has over 30 years experience in the seafood industry, originally in Australia and now based in Switzerland. At Blueyou, Benjamin focuses on business development in the Asia-Pacific region and the UK. As a seafood professional he brings to Blueyou a well-rounded understanding of the operational needs concerning the various stake holders in the seafood industry. Before joining Blueyou, Benjamin specialised in seafood across various operations such as hospitality, wholesale, retail, distribution, and procurement.

Nationality: Australia
Language: English


Ramón Huwiler holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Zurich. At Blueyou, his main focus is on key account customers and business development in Europe and Asia, while constantly striving for a supply chain optimisation and the implementation of innovative marketing concepts.

Nationality: Swiss

Languages: German, English and French

Dicle’s role at Blueyou is to support the trading team by controlling seafood supply chains and managing orders and transactions. She is also involved in product development and international logistics while working with suppliers to secure materials. Dicle previously worked for many years at a large Swiss food retailer where she managed supply and purchasing divisions while providing business support and financial controlling for stores.

Nationality: Swiss

Languages: German, English and Assyrian

Livia RamazziniHead of Quality Management
Zürich, Switzerland
Dasom Bae Quality Assurance Manager
Zürich, Switzerland
Fabian Mollet Head of Consulting
Zürich, Switzerland

Livia Ramazzini holds a Master’s degree in Food Science and Technology with a specialization in Food Quality and Safety from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich. Before joining Blueyou, she worked in the Swiss food industry as a product manager. At Blueyou, Livia is responsible for quality management support of the technical and commercial teams in all matters concerning quality processes, quality assurance, certifications, and traceability.

Nationality: Swiss and Italian

Languages: German, English and Italian

Dasom Bae holds a master’s degree in Life Science with a specialization in Food and Beverage Innovation from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Previously, she had studied chemistry during her bachelor’s course and holds a bachelor’s degree in Life Science in Chemistry from Seoul National University in Korea. At Blueyou, she is responsible for quality assurance of the technical and commercial teams in all matters concerning food safety, food law, certifications, and traceability as well as packaging aspect. 

Nationality: Korean

Languages: Korean, English and German

Fabian Mollet holds a PhD in Fisheries and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Wageningen and a Postgraduate Master in Statistics from the University of Neuchâtel. He previously worked in research within European networks on the evolutionary effects of fishing and implications for sustainable management, including empirical analysis as well as modelling for management advice. At Blueyou, Fabian focuses on research and scientific guidance for sustainability concepts in fisheries and aquaculture, development and implementation of fisheries improvement programs, stock assessments, and fisheries co-management in the context of developing countries.

Nationality: Swiss 
Languages: German, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch
Jonas WalkerLead Consultant
Zürich, Switzerland
Neil RadixManaging Director, North America
Vancouver, Canada
Andre ChalsonDirector, Blueyou Asia Pte. Ltd

Jonas Walker holds a Master of Science in Evolutionary Biology and Aquatic Ecology from the University of Bern and the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (eawag). His former work in research projects focused on how environmental parameters shape the outcome of speciation in fish. Jonas has extensive field experience in scientific projects both in Europe and Africa where he worked on the assessment of fish diversity in river systems. At Blueyou, Jonas focuses on the scientific support and the development of fisheries improvement projects and their on-site implementation.

Nationality: Swiss
Languages: German, English and French

Neil Radix worked with SeaChoice, a Canadian non-profit program aimed to develop and implement sustainable seafood policies for several leading Canadian distribution and retail businesses, prior to joining Blueyou.  Working closely with a North American-wide network of NGO’s, Neil developed a well-rounded yet pragmatic understanding of sustainable seafood certifications and programs.  With these attributes, along with a 15 year culinary background and nearly 5 years of supply chain expertise, Neil is well positioned to deliver our cutting edge sustainable seafood solutions to the North American market.

Nationality: Canadian
Languages: English
Andre Chalson is an experienced manager and serial entrepreneur with a background in marketing. He has extensive knowledge of the Food & Beverage industry plus Events Marketing in South East Asia. With over 15 years of sales experience in both emerging and developed markets, his proven track record and strong business development skills have built a vast network across the region primed for growth.

Nationality: Singaporean
Languages: English, Tamil and Bahasa Melayu
Guillemette ForatoFisheries and Aquaculture Consultant
Cebu, Philippines
Abdulla Shakir MohamedMaldives Project Manager
Male’, Republic of Maldives
Wahju SubachriIndonesia Project Manager
Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia

Guillemette Forato holds a MSc in Aquaculture and Marine Resources Management from Wageningen University, the Netherlands and a master degree in Agricultural Sciences from Ecole Supérieure d’Agriculture d’Angers, France. Before joining the team, she gained valuable experience in Bluefin tuna management as technical coordinator of the Regional Observer Program in the Mediterranean Sea for ICCAT. She then moved to the Philippines where she was a grant writer for a local NGO in coastal resources management. At Blueyou, Guillemette works as a local consultant and project manager for all topics related to blue economy in the Philippines and Indonesia.


Nationality: French

Languages: French, English, Spanish and Bisaya


Shakir has been actively involved with fishing communities in the Maldives for the past 15 years. He has managed, supported, and assisted in organizing community-based fisher groups and cooperatives. As the Blueyou Maldives Project Manager, Shakir is responsible for implementing the local development of the world’s first Fair Trade, MSC certified fishery. He plays a front-line role mediating various groups while organizing and managing the Fair Trade Fisher Association in different island fishing communities. Prior to joining the team at Blueyou, he worked at the Maldivian Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture as an assistant project officer and also as a Fisheries Implementation Officer in an IFAD funded project led by the Ministry of Fisheries. His latest endeavour was as Secretary-General of the Maldives Fishermen’s Association. 

Nationality: Maldivian
Languages: English and Dhivehi

Wahju holds a degree in Aquaculture from Hang Tuah University of Surabaya and has worked with several aquaculture companies and NGOs throughout Indonesia. At Blueyou, Wahju is the local project implementation manager for the Fair Trade Shrimp program. He will work closely with a large community of farmers to develop and ensure the implementation of the Fair Trade USA Agricultural Production Standard along with the ASC standard while promoting equitable trade with Blueyou’s processing partners.

Nationality: Indonesian

Languages: Bahasa Indonesia and English

FirmanIndonesia Project Manager
North Kalimantan, Indonesia
KurniawanLocal Project Manager Assistant
Tarakan, Indonesia
Oswaldo VillalobosImpact Blue
Program Manager Mexico
Mérida, Mexico
Firman holds a degree in fisheries from Borneo University of Tarakan, Indonesia. He worked with NGOs to support ASC certification for shrimp farmers in Kalimantan and Java. At Blueyou, Firman is the local project implementation manager for the Kalimantan Mangrove Shrimp Project. He works with the farming communities to help them transition to more sustainable methods while supporting the foundations of an expanded Selva Shimp program and related ASC certification.

Nationality: Indonesian

Languages: Bahasa Indonesia and English

Kurniawan holds a bachelor's degree in fisheries from the University of Borneo Tarakan. Kurniawan previously worked at the Tarakan City Fisheries Service for 5 years.  At Blueyou, Kurniawan is the assistant local project implementation manager for the Kalimantan Mangrove Shrimp Project.  He is working with farming communities to help them shift to more sustainable methods while supporting the foundation of the expanded Selva Shrimp program.

Nationality: Indonesian
Languages: Indonesian and English


Oswaldo holds a Master's degree in rural development. Has a long record of work and accompaniment with small producers, cooperatives, and small community-based businesses in generating sustainable and innovative business models. Before joining Blueyou, he had worked in civil society organizations, government agencies and the international cooperation where he has sought to create a positive impact in poor and marginalized communities through development projects and initiatives.

Nationality: Mexican

Languages: Spanish and English

Oscar ZamoraJunior Consultant
Sinaloa, Mexico
Thi Doan Director Representative Office Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tuan Hoang NguyenAquaculture Project Coordinator
Ca Mau, Vietnam

Oscar Zamora holds a PhD in Marine and Limnological Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, with complementary courses and academic stays in Argentina, Brazil, and Spain. He has specialized in fisheries ecology and population dynamics of fished populations. He previously worked with governmental and non-governmental organizations as an adviser in designing, implementing, and assessing monitoring programs, fisheries improvement projects, and management plans. At Blue You, Oscar focuses on research and scientific advice on fisheries sustainability.

Nationality: Mexican

Languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese

Thi Doan holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration and has acquired more than 15 years working in frozen seafood sector both purchasing and sales department. At Blueyou, Thi is responsible for business management of Representative office of Blueyou in Vietnam, contacting with sustainable seafood suppliers in Vietnam and support of commercial team of Blueyou.

Nationality: Vietnamese
Languages: Vietnamese and English

Tuan Hoang Nguyen holds a Master in Environmental Engineering and has acquired several years of practical experience in environmental management relating to energy and climate change as well as sanitation and water. Prior to joining our team, Tuan also worked as a lecturer in the Environment and Sanitation division for Ton Duc Thang University and Open University in Vietnam. At Blueyou, Tuan will take the lead of the local implementation for the Selva Shrimp program, implementing the ICS in the forest management board areas in close cooperation and partnership with our local processing and export partners.

Nationality: Vietnamese
Languages: Vietnamese and English

Linh Gia DinhQuality Assurance Manager
Ca Mau, Vietnam
Khanh DinhQuality Assurance Manager
Can Tho, Vietnam
Hang Minh Nguyen Fair Trade Seafood Project Manager, Vietnam

Linh Gia Dinh holds a degree in Aquaculture Engineering from the Can Tho University of Vietnam. Prior to joining our team, she worked for the Coastal Wetlands Protection & Development Project in Southern Vietnam and has several years of practical working experience in the inspection and processing of aquaculture products. At Blueyou, she focuses on sustainable aquaculture standard compliance procedures, specifically concerning quality assurance, traceability and supply chain integrity for the Selva Shrimp program and other seafood products.

Nationality: Vietnamese
Languages: Vietnamese and English

Khanh Dinh holds a Master's degree in English for Tourism and Trade from Sai Gon University. At Blueyou, she is responsible for coordination of quality assurance topics for suppliers located in the province Can Tho as well as surrounding provinces in Vietnam.

Nationality: Vietnamese
Languages: Vietnamese and English

Hang Minh Nguyen holds a Master's degree in Animal Production, Environment, Hygiene, and Quality from the University of Francois Rabelais – Tours. Before joining our team, she worked as a quality consultant for Fresh Studio, a food consultancy in Vietnam, overseeing the quality of the Pangasius farm and processing factory. At Blueyou, Hang serves as the local project implementation manager for Fair Trade Shrimp Program and EU Organic Rice Shrimp in Ca Mau. Her responsibilities include working closely with farming communities to develop and ensure the implementation of standards as well as collaborating and coordinating with Blueyou’s local seafood manufacturing partner.

Nationality: Vietnamese

Languages: English and French

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