Selva Shrimp®

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The Sustainable Shrimp Choice

Selva Shrimp® are premium-quality black tiger prawns naturally raised in mangrove forests. Selva Shrimp® not only offer a sustainable seafood choice, but also create a direct link between consumers and smallholder farming communities in Southeast Asia.

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Premium Quality Black Tiger Shrimp

Naturally grown in mangrove forests, Selva Shrimp® offer a unique experience of exquisite taste and texture. Selva Shrimp® are not only a sustainable seafood choice, but are also subject to an integrated quality assurance system that guarantees the highest product quality, freshness and food safety.

Selva Shrimp® are caught by net and immediately put on ice to preserve freshness and their natural taste. In the early morning, harvested shrimp are gathered through collecting stations and brought to the processing plant where shrimp are manufactured into frozen final products according to customers’ specifications.

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For a brief overview of the programme for the different markets we serve, please download the the leaflet for your geographic area:

Selva Shrimp® Leaflet (US)
Selva Shrimp® Leaflet (Canada)
Selva Shrimp® Leaflet (EU)

Selva Shrimp® Brand

The Selva Shrimp® consumer brand offers a professional solution for promotion, product placement and marketing, recognizing both the value of the Selva Shrimp® aquaculture program as well as the unique quality and ecological properties of premium frozen black tiger prawns.

Existing packaging, communication and product promotion solutions are available for distribution partners that choose to launch Selva Shrimp® products to their clients on both retail and food service level.

Integrated Mangrove Forest Shrimp Farming

Integrated mangrove forest shrimp farming combines the economic use of mangrove forests with shrimp aquaculture, for which the underlying principle is simple: Mangrove forests are maintained and preserved in order to provide habitat and food for the animals that are raised in small channels and ponds within the forest.

In these systems, shrimp are raised with no feed or chemicals. The ecosystem fully relies on its own natural productivity, which creates incentives for farmers to maintain mangroves. The forest not only provides the shrimp with natural food, but also provides a better and more stable income for families and communities.

Mangrove Conservation and Coastal Communities

The Selva Shrimp® program specifically addresses today’s challenges for more effective mangrove conservation in the face of coastal development. With the further intensification of the shrimp farming industry and increasing pressure on natural resources, Selva Shrimp® not only creates a solid basis for improvement and maintenance of natural shrimp farming practices, but also creates a partnership for the sustainable development of coastal communities.

Aquaculture Improvement

Selva Shrimp® aquaculture improvement uses a stepwise approach. It facilitates the process of awareness creation, mutual understanding and capacity building for all aspects of improvement – and it sets the stage for a process of continuous improvement over time.

The program uses specific criteria and measurable parameters as guidance for all relevant processes of aquaculture improvement. These specific criteria of improvement have been designed for small-scale silvofishery shrimp farms and the related supply chain (chain of custody).

Standards & Verification

The Selva Shrimp® standards for farm operators and chain of custody (CoC) are subject to regular monitoring and independent verification by a third-party auditing body. Whereas the shrimp farm criteria focus on better farming practices, strict controls on farming inputs and the conservation of mangroves, the chain of custody criteria safeguard the integrity of the supply chain and the traceability of all harvested shrimp from small-scale farms.

As any other program working with small-scale farmers, the Selva Shrimp® farming criteria are implemented through the establishment of an Internal Control System (ICS) which encompasses the organisation of farms into groups and clusters, which internally follow the same procedures and practices.

Download Selva Shrimp® Farming Criteria
Download Selva Shrimp® Chain of Custody Criteria
Download Selva Shrimp® Farm Group Approval Criteria
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