Impact Blue™

Transforming Coastal Fisheries towards Sustainability
IMPACT BLUE is a project development and service program for the design, financing and implementation of fisheries transition programs, focusing on coastal community fisheries in Latin America.
Founded by Blueyou Consulting and Catch Invest in 2018, IMPACT BLUE is finalizing its first cohort of fisheries transition projects in Mexico, aimed at investing USD 10 – 12 million for the improvement of fisheries management, catch and post-harvest practices while creating up-side value to support livelihoods in coastal fishing communities.
IMPACT BLUE is destined to become an important component of Blue Economy solutions for the fisheries and aquaculture sector: by identifying suitable opportunities and developing technical and financial transition plans, IMPACT BLUE facilitates the de-risking of projects and makes them attractive for private sector investments, allowing long term secured financing of fisheries reform.
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