Fair Trade™

Since being founded in 2004, Blueyou has focused on solutions which allow smallholder farmers and artisanal fishing communities to create long term up-stream value for their seafood products and to better participate in international consumer markets.
Being at the forefront of the global sustainable seafood movement, Blueyou was one of the first companies to actively engage with Fair Trade USA for the development and roll-out of their Fair Trade CertifiedTM seafood program.
For Blueyou, Fair Trade is more than a commitment: It is part of our mission and we believe that sharing benefits more equally along global seafood value chains is an important contribution to creating more equitable societies worldwide.

Benefits for Fishing and Farming Communities

Fishermen and farmers are the most vulnerable actors in global seafood supply chains. By transferring Fair Trade premiums directly to small-scale fishing and farming communities, Blueyou’s fair trade seafood programs allow coastal communities to invest into improvements of their living conditions such as infrastructure, health care, education or habitat conservation.

Connecting Smallholder Producers with Global Markets

Half of the global seafood production is harvested by small-scale producers. However, due to the fragmentation of local seafood supply chains, fishing and farming communities are often marginalized. With its Fair Trade programs, Blueyou directly connects fishing and farming with attractive global consumer markets. By tailoring seafood products for different markets and sales channels, Blueyou guarantees a fair price for the fishers and farmers who take pride in their work.

Fair Trade Seafood Products by Blueyou

Skipjack Tuna, Wild Caught, Pole & Line, MSC, Maldives

Pacific White Shrimp, Farmed, ASC, Indonesia (in development)

Blue Pacific Shrimp, Wild Caught, FIP, Mexico (in development)

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