Fisheries Consulting

Wild Capture Fisheries
Fisheries remain the only food sector in the world that directly exploits wild resources. More than a century of overfishing and ineffective fisheries management has degraded many fish stocks and aquatic ecosystems to a level that jeopardises future returns – threatening aquatic life and the livelihoods of millions of people who depend on it.
Blueyou is addressing this challenge by working with local fishery stakeholders, the seafood industry, governments and conservation organizations on improvement programs for the transition of fisheries towards long term sustainability.

Fisheries Transition Programs

Blueyou’s approach for the design and implementation of fisheries transition programs involves three key components: (1) Economic incentives and up-side value as drivers for change; (2) Robust science as a basis for the design of functional interventions and (3) Co-management and enforcement models with local industry and authorities as the basis for more effective fisheries management.
Learn more about IMPACT BLUE, Blueyou’s Fisheries Transition Program [Link to IMPACT BLUE website]

Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIP)

Blueyou offers services for the design, development and implementation of fishery improvement projects (FIP) to fishery stakeholders, market actors and NGOs. Our services for FIPs include not only overall project management, reporting and monitoring procedures, but also technical analysis and guidance, participatory approaches for co-management models and the inclusion of social and socioeconomic aspects.

Download: FIP Services by Blueyou Consulting

Fair Trade Models for Small-Scale Fisheries

Blueyou addresses the specific challenges of artisanal small-scale fisheries in terms of market access and product valorisation. Fair trade models link small-scale fisheries to attractive consumer markets, improve market access, optimize benefits for local stakeholders and build-up community-based capacities to co-manage aquatic resources.

Catch Documentation and Traceability

Blueyou designs and develops catch reporting and catch documentation schemes that are custom-tailored to the local realities of small-scale fisheries and offers fishery-specific solutions for product integrity and traceability along seafood supply chains.

Post-Harvest Handling, Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Blueyou supports fisheries in all aspects of product quality and food safety, safeguarding market access and improved product valorisation by proper fishing and post-harvest processing practices.

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