Environmental Services

Today’s seafood industry, national governments and local authorities are not only confronted with direct seafood-related sustainability issues, but with an increasing number of topics that relate to the overall environmental, social and sector-wide impact of the industry.  

Environmental Auditing and Management Systems (EMS)

Sustainability is determined by the environmental impacts of the entire production and supply chain, not just by the species status and production method. Blueyou performs life cycle assessments (LCA), carbon footprint studies and ecological impact analyses for seafood products from both fisheries and aquaculture. We further support businesses in establishing Environmental Management Systems (EMS) such as EMAS and ISO 14001.

Sustainability Policies, Environmental Reporting and Social Accountability

Our consultants offer coaching and advice on many aspects related to CSR thanks to their in-depth knowledge of supply chains and experience in the seafood sector. Be it the elaboration of sustainability and/or environmental policies, reporting according to international best practice (e.g. GRI, AA1000) or establishing social accountability (e.g. SA 8000, ISO 26000), we will assist you with tailor-made solutions that help you to distinguish your business from other competitors within the sector.   

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) & Social Impact Assessments (SIA)

Joining efforts with local and international experts, Blueyou conducts environmental and social impact assessments for aquaculture and fisheries projects in both marine and freshwater environments. We also elaborate and appraise environmental and social reports in all areas related to natural resource use. 

Climate Change Adaptation

Blueyou assists governments and private organizations in proactively addressing current or future challenges related to climate change. We have broad knowledge and expertise in areas related to natural resource management, policy planning, environmental valuation, coastal management, law enforcement and information dissemination. We are pleased to support you in the elaboration of a plan for climate change adaptation that suits your individual situation.

Policy Making, Evaluation and Enforcement

Comprehensive understanding of methodological approaches together with extensive practical experience allow us to offer our clients high quality coaching and advice on many aspects related to environmental and sustainability policies. We will assist you with tailor-made solutions based on a mix of in-depth knowledge and best practice adapted to your very specific needs.  

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