Blue Economy

Blue Economy is a term broadly used to describe and address the overall contribution of our oceans to human economies. The term integrates the need to address environmental and social sustainability while promoting an ocean-based economy as a growth opportunity for local and worldwide societies.

Being specialized in private-sector driven sustainable fisheries and aquaculture programs, Blueyou provides competent services to government, non-governmental and private sector clients in the realm of developing and implementing Blue Economy solutions for local seafood industries.

Seafood Supply and Value Chain Analysis

Blueyou conducts seafood supply and value chain analyses as a basis for the more cost-efficient and effective use of aquatic resources and optimized economic up-side value for local fishery and aquaculture stakeholders. Since Blueyou is itself active in the business of harvesting, manufacturing and trade of sustainable seafood products, our team of seafood consultants can deliver high quality and reliable analyses contributing to Blue Economy development programs.

Feasibility Assessments and Studies

Blueyou undertakes technical and financial feasibility studies for local Blue Economy programs, taking into account all relevant biotic and abiotic factors, as well as business, people and cultural aspects of the local fisheries and aquaculture sector. Up-to date knowledge and insights into global seafood value and supply chains allows Blueyou to deliver high quality analyses which support clients in their decision making for blue prosperity programs.

Project Development, Business and Financial Planning

For existing Blue Economy development programs, Blueyou designs projects for the transition of the aquaculture and fishery sectors towards sustainability, taking into account the relevant environmental, economic and social factors and ensuring the programs are effectively embedded into both local and global supply and value chains.

Learn more about Blueyou’s specific program IMPACT BLUE for fisheries transition project development here.

Project Due Diligence and Impact Assessment

To further support existing Blue Economy programs, Blueyou undertakes technical and financial due diligence for investors, governments, marine conservation organizations and other project stakeholders, critically verifying the relevant planning assumptions and assessing the functionality of planned interventions in terms of delivering positive outcomes in natural resource management, economic yields and social benefits for local communities.

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