As the fastest growing food industry, today’s aquaculture sector is challenged by the need to scale-up production in order to meet ever-increasing demand worldwide while facing limited natural resources and multiple production constraints. There is a clear need for more sustainable practices and resource-efficient approaches to aquaculture.
Blueyou works with the aquaculture industry, scientific institutions and conservation organizations to enable the transition of the aquaculture sector towards sustainability – by focusing on resource efficiencies, mitigation of negative impacts and promotion of local value for communities and economies in the countries of origin.

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Feasibility Studies, Due Diligence and Project Planning

Blueyou elaborates feasibility studies and develops detailed project and financial plans for aquaculture operations striving to supply markets with responsibly farmed seafood. Project planning and due diligence for potential investors addresses technical, economic and market-oriented aspects of aquaculture, and always involves careful consideration of the relevant environmental and social issues.

Fair Trade Models for Small-Scale Farming Communities

Blueyou addresses the specific needs and constraints of smallholder producers in the aquaculture industry, which often lack the capacities to improve the sustainability of their operations. Our team focuses on local capacity and organization building, as well as on the creation of direct linkages to attractive export markets, by integrating fair trade models into local aquaculture improvement programs.

Quality Assurance, Food Safety and Traceability

Blueyou supports aquaculture operators in all aspects of product quality and food safety, providing market access and improved product value through best practices on all levels of feed manufacture, farming and post-harvest processing. Blueyou’s services also include solutions for product integrity and traceability throughout farmed seafood supply chains.

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