Founders, Investors & Board

«Sustainable seafood is one of the
best protein choices»

René Benguerel

Founder & Director

«Sustainable seafood means inclusive
and fair value for all partners»

Matthias Krebs

Founder & Director

Blueyou was founded by René Benguerel and Matthias Krebs in 2004. Sharing a passion for sustainable seafood, our oceans and fair trade, they together decided to dedicate their professional lives to the sustainable seafood movement.

In its first decade, the company grew more or less organically. In 2012, Blueyou engaged in an equity round with HP Capital Partners LTD, which became a shareholder and partner of Blueyou. Since then, the owner of HP Capital Partners, Hans Ferdinand Porsche, has been a member of the board of directors, accompanying the further business development and expansion of the Blueyou Group of companies accordingly.
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