Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blueyou an auditor?
No, Blueyou believes that the most credible approach to certification involves the use of a third-party auditor. As such, all Blueyou projects are indepently assessed by credible, third-party auditors.

Does Blueyou act as a certifier?
No, Blueyou recognizes credible eco-labels such as ASC, MSC, Organic, etc. as the most credible and effective approach to deciphering product sustainability on international markets. However, for specific cases of aquaculture and fisheries improvement, Blueyou Consulting has developed a set of interim verification criteria for fisheries or aquaculture operations that are used as guidance for the improvement process as well as for interim monitoring and independent verification of progresses being made, with the aim of ultimately achieving certification by credible eco-labels.

Is Blueyou an NGO?
No, Blueyou is a private company that believes in the potential of consumer markets to help facilitate the transformation of global seafood production towards a more sustainable future. Implementing more sustainable fishery and aquaculture practices by means of market incentives and on the ground real time solutions is our core area of focus and expertise. 

What is Blueyou’s theory of change?
There is a critical gap between the realities of processors and producers and the desires of buyers and their NGO partners. Both sides want sustainable seafood, but neither really knows how to work with the other to achieve it. Through its practical expertise on both ends of the supply chain, Blueyou is perfectly positioned to work within this gap.

We believe in a step-wise approach to fisheries and aquaculture improvement, with the belief that a strategy of incremental change with appropriate 3rd party verification that involves all levels of the supply chain has a greater chance of success finding solutions for some of the critical challenges facing the seafood industry.  

How does Blueyou verify its claims?
We have developed the concept of interim verification, which involves defining an interim benchmark based on an existing standard and having that verified by a 3rd party. This allows the buyer to know that they have purchased a product that has a verified level of sustainability along with the necessary traceability. This tool recognizes producers who are doing better than conventional producers and are on the path to certification by credible eco-labels, such as the ASC or the MSC. We believe that recognizing those along the path of sustainability provides a more integrative approach to improvement and more fairly credits those that are committed to improving their social and environmental performance.

How does Blueyou finance its work?
Blueyou funds its work through private investment and revenues from our commercial market partners and consulting clients. We also seek grant and co-funding opportunities for specific projects involving fisheries and aquaculture improvement such as private public partnerships (PPP) or other schemes involving both private industry and public contributions. 

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