Blueyou Group

The Blueyou Group is a global group of companies founded in Switzerland in 2004. For more than 15 years, the company has been active in the harvesting, manufacturing and commercialization of sustainable seafood. Blueyou also offers scientific and technical guidance in the design, development and implementation of fisheries and aquaculture transition and improvement programs worldwide, with a focus on community-based, coastal fisheries and the small-scale aquaculture sector.
Blueyou’s expert team includes seafood business professionals in the fields of marine biology, fisheries, aquaculture, food technology, quality assurance and social compliance as well as those in manufacturing, supply chain management, logistics, marketing and communications.
Blueyou works within an extensive strategic network, which includes private sector companies such as fishery and farm operators, processors, distributors, retailers and finance institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, seafood certification programs as well as leading scientific research and conservation organisations.
Learn more about our companies in the section below:

Blueyou Consulting LTD

Blueyou Consulting is headquartered in Switzerland and employs a worldwide team of 15 experts. Our consulting team develops the technical, science-based seafood programs and fisheries and aquaculture projects at Blueyou. Blueyou Consulting manages the implementation of all relevant sustainability aspects of our projects in the countries of origin while working together with our strategic partners. Additionally, the Blueyou Consulting team addresses important technical aspects such as food safety, quality assurance and traceability of seafood supply chains. Blueyou Consulting offers consulting services to third parties, including clients from governmental, non-governmental, seafood industry, conservation and impact investment sectors.

Blueyou Trading LLC

Blueyou Trading is the commercial entity which creates direct market access for our seafood programs and projects with local producers worldwide. Blueyou Trading employs a team of 12 people who focus on the manufacturing, sourcing, supply chain management and marketing of sustainable seafood products within our company’s global distribution network.

Blueyou Services LTD

Blueyou Services LTD functions as a holding company for the entire group. Blueyou Services is headquartered in Switzerland and serves as an investment vehicle for Blueyou to invest in strategic partnerships and alliances with other companies which share Blueyou’s vision and mission to become active drivers of the worldwide sustainable seafood movement.

Blueyou Vietnam

Blueyou Vietnam employs a team of 5 people and acts as sourcing, supply chain management and quality assurance branch for Blueyou’s sustainable seafood activities in Vietnam. Blueyou’s Vietnam team also verifies the integrity of our local seafood supply chains and supports the technical management of our programs such as SELVA SHRIMP® with small-scale farming communities in the South of Vietnam.

Meliomar Inc. Philippines

Meliomar Inc. is a sustainable seafood manufacturing, import and distribution company based in Manila. The company is fully owned by Blueyou Services. Meliomar acts as the private sector partner of the ARTESMAR® fishery improvement program for handline-caught yellowfin tuna which is managed by Blueyou in the Philippines. Meliomar is currently establishing a new seafood manufacturing plant for both fresh and frozen seafood products – which shall become the central manufacturing hub for Blueyou’s product portfolio of value-added, high quality seafood products.
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